Medical Re-Entry form

Whenever a student sustains an illness or injury that will require modification to their ability to perform in either shop or academics at school (ex. concussion, sprained ankle, surgery, crutches, orthopedic brace, etc.), a medical re-entry form must be filled out by your healthcare provider and turned in to the nurses' office before your child returns to school.

A doctor's own note listing accommodations is also acceptable.  Please remind your doctor that B-P is a vocational school, and students, depending on their shop, may be performing physical labor (ex. climbing ladders, lifting, bending, etc.).  Accommodations needed for school will be made with appropriate documentation from a healthcare provider.  Please call the nurses' office at (508) 823-5151 x 106 and inform the nurses if your child has sustained an illness or injury that will require school accommodations.  Please note this also includes any injury caused during a school athletic or extra-curricular activity.  

Medical_Re-Entry_Form_REVISED_5-2-19.pdf, 47.14 KB; (Last Modified on March 27, 2020)