• Admissions Follow the 1-2-3 Application Process!

    Step 1 - Get Informed

    • Speak to friends, students, parents and B-P graduates from your community about Bristol-Plymouth and technical education.
    • Visit our Website ( Explore the Technical Programs that the school offers, along with the Academic Courses, Athletics and Extracurricular Activities.
    • Attend a presentation about B-P at your middle school.
    • Look for a B-P brochure, view book and DVD in the mail.


    Step 2 - Apply

    • Apply NOW online by going to the link on the B-P Website:, or obtain an application from your middle school Guidance Counselor or download the application form as early in the school year as possible.
    • Submit your online application or return the completed application form to the Student Services Department at Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School by the end of December.
    • Your Guidance Counselor will:
      • Complete a portion of the application form and attach student grades, attendance and discipline reports before returning the form to the Student Services Department at B-P.
      • Deadline for priority admissions is the first week of February.
    • The keys to getting accepted :
      • Good Grades
      • Good Attendance
      • Good Behavior


    Step 3 - Wait for your acceptance notice and return your registration info! 

    • The Admissions Department will review your application and award you points for academic marks, school attendance, and discipline record during the previous year and a half of the current school year.
    • We will conduct interviews at your middle school or contact you to schedule an interview at B-P.
    • The acceptance letters and wait list letters will be mailed at the end of February. Please understand that some students are not accepted until the summer.
    • When you get your acceptance notice, please return your registration information when you come in for the placement test. Your space will only be held for a few weeks so be sure to let us know that you plan to attend B-P.
    • Congratulations! Additional information will mailed during the summer.