Student Support Programs

  • Title I Services

    Title I programs and services are designed to help disadvantaged students meet challenging content and performance standards. Title I programs are federally funded through the No Child Left Behind legislation. The Title I program at Bristol-Plymouth focuses on increasing student achievement in the area of mathematics. The program is tailored to the needs of those students most at risk of failing the state mandated curriculum and performance standards along with children from low-income families, or neglected, delinquent or homeless youth. Services are provided by Bristol-Plymouth staff directly in the Math Concepts classes during grades 9 & 10 and during the Before and After School Homework Assistance programs.

    Students qualify for Title I services by meeting several criteria, including district and statewide standardized testing, previous supplemental services and teacher input.

    As a parent, you can help your child succeed by attending Parent/Teacher Conferences, informational parent nights, encouraging your child to attend after school extra help sessions and reviewing your child’s homework and agenda books daily.

    English Language Learners

    Bristol-Plymouth offers an English Language Learner Program for students whose first language is not English.  The purpose of the program is to provide instruction that is designed to assist limited English proficient (LEP) students in learning both English and subject matter content.  English language instruction is delivered by an English as a second language (ESL) teacher.  Additionally, students are provided sheltered content instruction by their classroom teachers.  Bristol-Plymouth provides ongoing professional development to teachers on how to effectively teach English language learners through understanding and use of English language acquisition strategies.

    Students who enroll in Bristol-Plymouth will receive a Home Language Survey that must be completed and returned at the start of school.  Students who indicate a language other than English on the Home Language Survey are offered the opportunity to participate in our English Language Learner (ELL) program.   Students with limited English proficiency are formally and informally assessed in the areas of oral language, reading and writing to determine English ability levels and the level of services needed.  LEP students are able to participate in all academic classes and technical programs offered at Bristol-Plymouth.

    Bristol-Plymouth provides non-English speaking families translated versions of written documents as well as interpretive services for meetings, tours, parent/teacher conferences, etc. upon request. 

    ESL Teacher:

    Daniel Collins