Guidance Department

  • Guidance Counseling services are available to all students and parents. Students in Grade 9 are assigned to one counselor. Students in Grades 10-12 are assigned to the same counselor for three (3) years. Both group and personal conferences are arranged in an attempt to meet with each student regularly. Meetings may be designed to discuss student interests, abilities, course selection, educational/vocational opportunities, employment opportunities, or personal /social concerns. Students are encouraged to arrange to see their counselor whenever the need arises.

    The Student Services Department provides information, services and materials for students and parents. Information available includes school and college catalogues, employment and occupational information, scholarship and financial aid booklets; armed services brochures, and College Board test information.

    Guidance personnel arrange for college and career speakers at various times throughout the year. Counselors also coordinate the local scholarship program. Evening programs are conducted each season on topics related to the college application process. Parents are welcome to contact counselors via-email, make phone inquiries, or to arrange for individual consultation.



     Guidance Counselors

    Marc Montesano Tina Bennett Sarah Butters Marjorie Magny-Black
    Ext. 118 Ext. 136 Ext. 117 Ext. 119
    All Grade 9 Students

    Community Health


    Early Childhood Ed




    Automotive Tech


    Collision Tech

    Culinary Arts

    Dental Assisting

    Graphic Design

    Business and Applied Tech


    Computer & Network Tech

    Design & Visual Comm

    Metal Fabrication