Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

  • Program Description

    Are you intrigued by the complexities of heating and cooling systems? Bristol-Plymouth’s HVAC Program can develop your mechanical aptitude and pave the way toward an exciting career by teaching you all about the operation, design, installation and repair of heating and cooling units, including refrigerators, freezers, ice machines, furnaces, and boilers. You’ll take advantage of our shop environment which offers a modern facility with work stations where you can tackle exciting projects such as building a refrigerator and repairing HVAC equipment. Bristol-Plymouth’s HVAC Program will equip you with specialized skills desirable to a wide array of employers, ranging from small service companies to industrial manufacturers. Upon graduating, you can pursue a refrigeration/heating license or even study Engineering in college.


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  • Instructed Areas

    • Electrical Theory
    • Physics of Heat and Fluids
    • Formulas for Heat Load Calculations
    • Basic design of Engineering Heating and Cooling Systems
    • Electrical Wiring
    • Operation of Hand Tools
    • Soldering and Brazing Techniques
    • Energy Management Systems
    • Fossil Fuel and Alternative Heat

    Program of Study

    Freshman Year: Basic hand and power tool safety and knowledge, introduction to specific refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, flaring and brazing practices of copper tubing, understanding principles of thermodynamics, pressures and temperatures.

    Sophomore Year: Introduction to electrical theory, safety and practices, wiring electrical components related to refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, understanding schematic and pictorial wiring diagrams and components, advanced wiring of residential air-conditioning and heating equipment.

    Junior Year: Introduction to residential air-conditioning principles, equipment and accessories, study of commercial refrigeration fundamentals including supermarket systems, cooler/freezer sizing and ice machine repair, refrigerant recovering and reclaiming training, OSHA training.

    Senior Year: Principles of oil heating, controls and design, principles of gas heating, controls and design, job skills training and resume writing, 608 training and certificate testing of refrigerant handling and management.

    Career Opportunities

    • HVAC Salesperson
    • Supply Warehouse Personnel
    • Sheet Metal Worker
    • Ductwork Installer
    • Oil/Gas Heating Technician
    • Small Appliance Technician
    • Industrial Boiler Technician
    • Building Control Technician
    • HVAC and Refrigeration Design Engineer

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