Electrical Technology

  • Program Description

    Are you fascinated by the mysterious power of electricity? It energizes everything around us including lights, appliances, televisions, vehicles, computers, the Internet, and so much more. Bristol-Plymouth’s Electrical Technology Program teaches you how to harness its power as you study industrial, commercial, and residential wiring and learn to install, repair, and maintain electrical systems that deliver the heat, light, power and communications that are essential to our lives. The world’s reliance on electrical power systems ensures an ongoing demand for highly skilled Electricians across a wide array of exciting careers. As an aspiring Electrician or Engineer, this program gives you a head start on licensing criteria. A typical apprenticeship for a Journeyman Electrician requires 2000 yearly hours of on-the-job training towards the 8000 total hours required to take the related test. During that time period, 150 yearly hours of related classroom theory are also needed to fulfill the required 600 classroom hours. The knowledge of electrical fundamentals you’ll gain via Bristol-Plymouth’s Electrical Technology Program will provide a strong foundation for successfully studying Engineering at the college level.


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  • Instructed Areas

    • Equipment Use
    • Single Phase and Three Phase Services
    • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Wiring
    • Test Equipment, Hand and Power Tool Training
    • Fire and Security Alarm Systems
    • National Electrical Code
    • Photo Voltaic Power Systems
    • Wind Power Systems
    • Motor Controls
    • Programmable Controls

    Program of Study

    Freshman Year: OSHA 10 online safety course teaches all aspects of safety and risks in the workplace, National Electrical Code including basic wiring and theory, practical wiring applications for residential buildings, circuit breakers and electrical devices, emphasis is placed on team work, safety, good work practices and individual development through hands-on tasks.

    Sophomore Year: Extension of the freshman year which expands into more advanced residential and commercial wiring and applications, introduction to residential electrical services, various raceway wiring, basic relays, motor circuitry and associated controls.

    Junior Year: Focuses on commercial and industrial electrical application, reinforcement of skills in wiring motor controllers, transformers, photo voltaic & wind power equipment applications and wiring, hands-on work experience through offsite projects.

    Senior Year: Students master the skills that were learned during the first three years in the program through more advanced work on motor control, commercial, and industrial applications. Senior students are eligible to participate in the Co-op Program, gaining valuable experience and developing a network for futureemployment. Offsite projects are frequently available for the senior students to further hone their trade skills through hands-on work projects in the communities serviced by the school.

    Career Opportunities

    • Electrical Apprentice
    • Electrical Contractor
    • Electrical Teacher
    • Journeyman Electrician
    • Lineman
    • Master Electrician
    • Alternative Energy Installer
    • Design & Development Engineer
    • Fire & Security Alarm Technician
    • Telephone & Cable Installer
    • Lighting & Manufacturing Sales
    • Lighting Specialist
      Fiber Optic Installer

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