Dental Assisting

  • Program Description

    Bristol-Plymouth’s Dental Assisting Program will prepare you for a rewarding career in which you will play instrumental roles in a dental office. You will develop specialized skills by taking advantage of the latest technology and training techniques using digital dental radiography and the latest in dental operatories and laboratory equipment. Dental assistants provide ongoing services on behalf of both patients and dentists, ensuring plentiful career opportunities in this dynamic field. This program will prepare you for certification by the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) in both Infection Control and Radiation Health and Safety. CPR certification and an OSHA 10-hour general industry safety and health training course will also be completed. Graduating from Bristol-Plymouth’s Dental Assisting Program meets the requirements for Massachusetts state licensure.


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  • Instructed Areas

    • Dental Infection Control
    • Dental/Medical Terminology
    • Four-Handed Dentistry
    • Dental Laboratory Techniques
    • Dental Specialties Assisting
    • Dental Business Office Procedures
    • Radiographic Techniques
    • Emergency Procedures
    • OSHA/CDC Guidelines

    Program of Study

    Freshman Year: Introduction to denstistry, psychology, communication, tooth identification, dental charting, introduction to dental infection control, fluoride treatments, vital signs, instrument transfer, OSHA 10 certification. 

    Sophomore Year: Microbiology, advanced dental infection control, dental instruments, mixing dental cements, dental dam, assisting with restorations, nutrition, pharmacology, head and neck anatomy, body systems, DANB Infection Control Exam.

    Junior Year: Dental radiograpy, review of dental assisting procedures, dental and medical emergencies, dental law, dental laboratory, whitening trays, CPR certification, DANB Radiation Health and Safety Exam, internship in local dental facilities, cooperative education for qualified students.

    Senior Year: Review of dental assisting practices, employment strategies, healthcare office management, assisting with dental specialties including pediatrics, orthodontics, endodontics, oral surgery, dental implants, internship in local dental facilites, coopertative education for qualified students. 

    Career Opportunities

    • Dental Assistant
    • Certified Dental Assistant
    • Orthodontic Assistant
    • Dental Office Receptionist
    • Insurance Claims Processor
    • Dental Laboratory Technician
    • Dental Sales Representative
    • Dental Office Management

    With Continued Education:

    • Hygienist
    • Dentist

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