• Program Description

    Do you love the scent of freshly cut wood? Would you like to learn about woodworking and even how to build a house? Bristol-Plymouth’s Carpentry Program introduces you to the basic concepts of carpentry including cabinetmaking, house construction, millwork, and remodeling. You’ll learn how to use hand and power tools, understand architectural drawings, and appreciate the impact of computers on modern design. You’ll participate in all facets of building, from conceptual drawings through project completion. With the knowledge gained from our expert instructors, you’ll be on your way to a fascinating career.


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  • Instructed Areas

    • Interpreting Building Codes
    • Use of Hand and Power Tools
    • Computer-Aided Drafting
    • Blueprint Reading
    • Project Estimating
    • Roofing and Siding
    • Interior/Exterior Finish Work and Framing
    • OSHA Construction and Safety Health Training

    Program of Study

    Freshman Year: Actual construction projects, construction terms, safety, material and code requirements.

    Sophomore Year: Different theories and methods of cabinetry, blueprints and construction diagrams, portable power tools/usage and safety.

    Junior and Senior Years: Building of structures off campus, often times on school-sponsored projects in district, community foundations, types of lumber, roofing materials, framing, exterior siding, installing windows & insulation, interior finish work such as flooring, hanging doors, casing windows, installing cabinets and countertops, Massachusetts State Building Code.

    Career Opportunities

    Graduating from Bristol-Plymouth’s comprehensive Carpentry Program, taught by our knowledgeable instructors possessing years of trade experience and expertise, will empower you with competence in field-related skills. Growing home-ownership along with the region’s increased building and development allows graduates desirable employment opportunities in the following areas:

    • Cabinetmaker
    • Carpentry Union
    • Construction Estimator
    • Construction Framing
    • Facility Carpenter
    • General Contractor
    • Home Repairs
    • Interior Finishes
    • Kitchen Installation
    • Project Manager
    • Remodeling
    • Roofing

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