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Computer & Networking Technology

  • Program Description

    What excites you more—just knowing how to use a computer, or possessing the skills that will shape the future of computer technology? If you’re intrigued by both the inner workings of computers as well as the boundless power of networking systems, Bristol-Plymouth’s CNT Program can help you develop a thorough understanding of computers and networking. Your abstract and mechanical reasoning ability will be enhanced while enjoying your own personal workstation and taking advantage of Bristol- Plymouth’s state-of-the-art computer networking lab, including wired and wireless networking and Internet technologies employing the latest Microsoft and Cisco products and technologies. You’ll have the opportunity to acquire certifications such as CompTIA’s A+, Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), and Cisco Certified Entry-level Network Technician, along with your OSHA 10 card. You will have the option of earning college credit for work completed at Bristol-Plymouth through our Tech Prep Program. Upon graduating from the CNT Program, you’ll have attained the sought-after expertise required to select from a virtually infinite number of gratifying career paths and look forward to an influential career in this limitless industry.


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  • Instructed Areas

    • Installation, Configuration, Upgrading of Hardware and Software
    • Preventive  Maintenance
    • Computer Hardware
    • Basic Networking
    • Diagnosing and Troubleshooting
    • Computer Science Principles and Programming

    Program of Study

    Freshman Year: Introduction to IoT, Hardware, and Software installation and management through Cisco Academy IT Essentials. In addition, Introduction to Programming through our AP Computer Science Principles course and HTML. Microbit programming. 

    Sophomore Year: PC Building and Maintenance through IT Essentials (Cont.), AP Computer Science Principles (Cont.), Cabling, Customer Service/Help Desk. Raspberry Pi programming, Career Readiness by SkillsUSA.


    Certifications Offered: Students can choose from a variety of certifications including OSHA 10, Microsoft Technical Associate (MTA) in operating systems, networking fundamentals, security, server, programming (python, java, and block-based), CompTIA A+, Network+, Linux+, and Security+; Cisco Academy advanced courses (CCNA).

    Career Opportunities

    • Telecommunications Installer
    • Service & Repair Technician
    • Computer & Network Support Specialist
    • Programmer
    • Network Administrator
    • Security Specialist
    • Network Architect
    • Systems Software Developer
    • Computer Information Research