• We are happy to announce that the Homework Help Program is back for 2020-2021!   There are a few changes this year since it is a virtual program.  Here are the details:

    Start Date:  

    Tuesday, October 13, 2020

    Days and Times:  

    Mondays - Thursdays 3:30-6:30 p.m.  Students will choose either 3:30-4:30,  4:30-5:30 or 5:30-6:30  

    How do I sign up?

    Use this Google Form 

    *Use your bptech email to sign up with this Google Form.  Outside email addresses will not work.

    When do I sign up?

    The form has all the days and times for the upcoming week, so you can plan ahead.  However, you must sign up by 3:30 p.m. the school day BEFORE you want to attend. 

    How do you know what I want help with?

    • The form will ask you for the content area or course you want help with.  
    • You will be with small groups of students who have requested help in the same subject
    • The teacher assigned will be proficient in supporting you in that subject. 
    • The teacher can help you with homework assignments, studying for upcoming tests, or long term projects.

    What if I want help with more than one content area?

    Please complete the form for each separate course you want help with.

    What if I need more than one day or one hour?

    Please complete the form for each separate date and time you wish to attend

    What if I want to attend the same day each week?

    You will need to sign up each week using the form.  New dates are added to the form each week.

    What happens after I sign up?

    You will receive an email from Mrs. Abbott (aabbott@bptech.org) with a link to a Google Classroom created by the Homework Help teacher you have been assigned to.  Within that Google Classroom is the Google Meet link.  This extra step is done for security purposes.

    What do I need to do in my Homework Help session?

    • You must sign in using your bptech email address.
    • You must arrive within the first 15 minutes of your session.  
    • We ask that all students leave their cameras on.  
    • Have all the materials you need with you (assignment, book, paper, pencil, etc.)
    • You must use your school issued Chromebook. 
    • Find a quiet place to join the Meet. 

    What if I cannot attend after I sign up?

    Please email Mrs. Abbott (aabbott@bptech.org) as soon as you know you can’t attend. 

    A few last notes:

    • We are keeping attendance so that you, your teachers, and parents can track how often you attend.
    • The same behavior expectations you follow during the school day apply in the Homework Help program, including consequences per the Student Handbook.

    We wish you a healthy and successful school year!