• Dear Seniors and Parents/Guardians,


    Senior year is right around the corner! One of the most exciting aspects of senior year is the yearbook. You will be receiving information via your Classof2023 email address, parent emails, social media posts/announcements, and the senior Google classroom page. Please make sure to check these frequently so you don't miss updates to submit photos, memories, baby pictures, club photos, etc. to the yearbook using Tree Ring, our yearbook platform. I will be sending out more information about how to make accounts and upload items to the platform at the beginning of senior year. Please start keeping senior photos or other memories saved somewhere for easy access.  


    Senior Photo Submission


    Please make sure that your portrait adheres to the B-P dress code that is in the B-P Student Handbook. Senior portraits are looked over by the yearbook team, administration, and other school staff to ensure that each one represents Bristol-Plymouth in a professional manner. It is suggested that you use a headshot or a shoulder up shot. Photos should have an aspect ratio of 4x3.  If you submit a full body shot, there is a chance that the photo is returned for a headshot. Remember, your photo will be on the same page as 15-20 other photos. A full body shot results in you looking smaller in your picture. 


    As summer approaches, many people may be seeking outside photographs. I am enclosing a copy of the dress-code from the handbook:


    Proper Dress

    In the interest of health, safety, cleanliness and fostering a positive school environment,

    the following dress code must be adhered to:

    • Undergarments must be covered at all times.

    • Any clothing which is disruptive or distracting to the educational process is

    forbidden. Distracting or disruptive clothing includes, but is not limited to

    clothing that is cut or ripped, tight fitting clothing, transparent clothing or

    clothing that reveals cleavage, upper and lower back, midriff, and upper thigh. Tops must be long enough to cover the mid-section when arms are raised

    above the head.

    Shoulder strap width must be a minimum of 2” (i.e. tank tops, sleeveless muscle

    shirts, and off-the-shoulder styles are not allowed).

    • Skirts, skorts, and short length or slits in skirts must reach to the fingertips of

    the extended arm along the student’s legs. Any person wearing a skirt, skorts,

    or shorts shorter than the above is required to wear leggings or tights.


    Although many take senior photos with outside photographers, students can use their school photo as their yearbook photo. A photographer takes these photos for school IDs and they are often utilized for senior portrait purposes. Also, in the past, we have had opportunities for students to come to the school and take senior photos with our professional school photographer during the summer. More information will be available in the coming months. **Senior photos must be uploaded by November 25, 2022! If we don't have a photo, your aspen ID will be used.


    If you have any questions, please reach out to me at aslavin@bptech.org



    Mrs. Slavin 

    Yearbook Advisor