• When a student is struggling in a class or shop, teachers should first refer to the District Curriculum Accommodation Plan (DCAP)  for strategies to support the student as well as to notify the parent(s) that additional support is required for their student.  The teacher should also communicate with the student’s guidance counselor who can help determine whether or not this is an isolated or larger student issue. 

    After trying strategies from the DCAP, if the student continues to exhibit challenges to meet district standards for academics, shop, behavior, attendance, etc. the teacher should complete an SST Referral Form.  The Student Support Team (SST) will be composed of school counselors, administrators, school adjustment counselors, school psychologists, school nurses and teachers to provide guidance in their specialized areas. Parents/guardians will also be part of this team to lend their support to resolve concerns.  The SST will review the referral form and any accompanying data, assess the concern(s), and discuss strategies to support the student.  A Student Action Plan will be created to outline different instructional approaches, to enlist the assistance of other building support personnel, or, if appropriate, to engage other community resources.  The Student Action Plan will be reviewed on a set schedule to determine if the student is making progress or if a referral for an initial evaluation for special education is necessary. Please contact Carolyn Duval @ with questions regarding the Student Support Team. 

    District Curriculum Accommodation Plan (DCAP)