• The Special Education Department is committed to providing students with disabilities the necessary services they need to be successful at Bristol-Plymouth.  We utilize an inclusion model where our special education teachers and paraprofessionals work closely with content area teachers to meet students' needs directly within the academic classrooms.  Additionally, one of our special education teachers consults with vocational teachers and monitors students’ progress within the shop curricula.   All of our teachers are fully certified in Special Education and our paraprofessionals meet the highly qualified status set by the State.  Each student on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is assigned to one of the teachers below who function as a case manager.  In addition to their classroom teacher responsibilities, they also monitor their students’ IEPs from development at the Team meeting through progress monitoring each quarter.  Home to school communication is very important to our department.  Contact information for all department members is listed below.


    Special Education Teachers