• Pursuant to Massachusetts General Law Chapter 74, Section 2, and The Vocational Technical Education Regulation 603 CMR 4.00, Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School Committee appoints Program Advisory Committees for each program area under its control in addition to a General Advisory Committee.

    The responsibility of Program Advisory Committees is to advise, assist and support school personnel in order to improve planning, operation, and evaluation in its program area. See MA Department of Education CVTE Advisory Guide for more information.

    New Members are always welcome.  Please contact Jackie Machamer, Vocational Technical Coordinator, at jmachamer@bptech.org if you are interested in serving on one of our Program Advisory Boards.

    The Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School Program Advisory Committees meet two times per academic year, once in the fall and once in the spring.  

    • Program faculty prepare a meeting agenda with input from Advisory members.
    • Attendance is taken by having members review and initial their contact information, including representation & composition data.
    • Program faculty prepare meeting minutes.
    • Regular Agenda Items:
      • Fall Meeting
        • Program validation
        • Equipment recommendations, including 5 year plans
        • Other topics as desired
      • Spring Meeting
        • Instructor report on program accomplishments
        • Preparation of Chairman's report to the General Advisory.
        • Other topics as desired


    The Chairman from each Program Advisory Board serves on the General Advisory Board.  The General Advisory Board meets twice per year.  

    • The first meeting is in the fall and is a joint meeting with the School Committee.
    • The second meeting is in the spring.