• Course Sequence/Curriculum


    The Bristol-Plymouth Post-Secondary Dental Assisting Program is divided into three terms:


    Term I: Dental Assisting Basics—Infection Control Concentration

    In Term I students will be instructed to obtain patient information, perform an oral assessment, learn the foundations of clinical four-handed dentistry, principles of oral health patient education, manipulation of dental materials, dental terminology, and effective communication skills. Based on OSHA and CDC guidelines, this course will address the potential routes of transmission for pathogens, the chain of infection and how infection can be prevented in the dental setting by the use of personal protective equipment, immunizations, instrument processing, and the treatment of clinical contact and housekeeping surfaces. Students learn the safe handling and processing of instruments, dental unit water lines and impressions.

    At the completion of Term I, the student is prepared to take the DANB Infection Control Examination for Infection Control Certification.


    Term II: Dental Assisting Chairside—Dental Radiography Concentration

    In Term II the focus is on the fundamental concepts of dental radiography. Using a digital radiograph unit, students will learn the proper techniques of positioning patients and the radiography equipment. Students will expose and process dental radiographs to ensure that diagnostic quality radiographs are produced. This term also prepares students to function effectively as an integral member of the dental health team by performing comprehensive chair-side assisting, and office and laboratory procedures, including various dental specialties. At the completion of Term II, the student is prepared to take the DANB Radiation Health and Safety Examination for Radiography Certification.


    Term III: Clinical Internships

    In Term III, students are placed in clinical internships at area dental facilities. These internships will allow the student to refine their skills in a clinical setting and provide the student with the experiences necessary to succeed in the field of dental assisting.