• The scholarship list is available on please use students log in information that they have created for this site. That would be the email address and password to sign in. Once in, click on the Colleges tab at the top then scroll to the very bottom and click on Scholarship listing (provides list for local scholarships) and the national scholarship search is a survey you fill out that will match scholarships based on your response.

    The listed scholarships are some from the scholarship list that are specific for the towns to help students narrow one criteria. Students and parents should review these and all scholarships to figure out which ones the student may meet the criteria for and also apply.

    B-P General Scholarship/Toolship

    Complete this application to be eligible to receive scholarships/toolships awarded by the B-P Scholarship/Toolship Committee.

    DUE DATE: March 15th

    The Bristol Plymouth Parent Council will be awarding 4 scholarship in the amount of $750.00 each to Bristol-Plymouth graduating seniors.

    DUE DATE: April 15th