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  • Dietary Restrictions

    A child begins lifelong eating habits early in life. Therefore, he/she should be given a variety of dairy products, meats, fruits/vegetables and whole grains. Foods high in sugar and fat content are discouraged. Packing a healthy lunch for your child is recommended. Healthy snacks and meals should include the above food groups. Below are some suggestions you may want to add to your child’s lunch.

    Please inform the director of any dietary restrictions, so the staff will be aware of your child’s restrictions. The children will be assisted and encouraged to eat, but never forced to eat.

    Snack & Lunch

    The center will provide all morning and afternoon snacks and a drink. Parents of children attending all day are responsible for sending lunch each day or have the option to purchase a school lunch. If you would like to purchase school lunch for your child the cost is $2.50 per day. Your child will receive a nutritional meal that includes milk, fruit, and an entrée that is guaranteed peanut free. Lunch forms need to be completed by 9:00 in order for your child to receive lunch on that day. Lunches can always be pre-ordered up to a week in advance. The Bristol-Plymouth school cafeteria is catered by Chartwells, a company that provides a nationwide network of expert chefs and registered dietitians that ensure quality and nutrition meeting or exceeding USDA standards.

    We encourage the use of a Thermos for keeping foods warm. If heated at home (very hot) in the morning and packed in a thermos, the food will stay warm as we have no means to reheat your child's lunch.  In addition, if you are packing cold food items, please use an ice pack in your child’s lunch box.

    Drinking water is available to the children at all times.

    Peanut Safe Policy

    The Center is a peanut-safe environment. In the event we have a child with a peanut or tree nut allergy, accommodations will be made in that classroom in accordance with the child’s Individual Health Plan (IHCP).
    In the case of a peanut allergy in your child’s classroom, all foods or snacks that contain peanuts and/or tree nuts and their derivatives are unsafe and cannot be sent to the Center.
    In addition, any products with labels stating, “may contain traces of peanuts or tree nuts” or “processed in a plant that processes peanuts or tree nuts” are considered unsafe and cannot be sent to the Center. Families will be notified if a child with a food allergy is enrolled in your child’s classroom.
    For complete policy please refer to the Parent Handbook.