• Perhaps the best testament to the advantages of the Bristol-Plymouth Co-op Program comes from our partners and alumni... in their own words.


    “I would just say that our involvement with Vocational programs and co-op students, we feel, is vital to our industry. As the skilled workforce in any industry matures and approaches retirement, there must be a new wave of skilled workers to take their place and carry the industry forward. Vocational programs help feed that important cycle...”

    Paul C. Diamond
    Vice President
    North Easton Machine Co., Inc.


    "As a 2016 graduate, my experience through Bristol Plymouth’s Co-op program not only helped me throughout my trade, but also taught me the fundamentals of many important characteristics. I was part of the H.V.A.C shop and was grateful enough to land an opportunity for a job as an H.V.A.C technician. While working, I got the knowledge to develop skills in the trade, communications with customers and co-workers, and personal finance. This competency led me to go to college for marine engineering, where my talents from H.V.A.C helped me with my courses. Co-op is a great opportunity for young and striving students to educate themselves in the real world of work while getting a salary at hand. Co-op was an amazing experience for me and it could be the same for you!"

    Malick Carpenter

    HVAC, Class of 2016