Community Resources

  • B-P Tech provides services to community members as part of our vocational-technical programs in order to provide authentic learning opportunities for our students.   All services must involve practical skill development for students and be aligned with the Massachusetts Vocational Curriculum Frameworks for the associated program.  Each project request will be evaluated based on the curricular needs of the department at the time of the request.

    When requesting work, please remember that this is a school, where learning is our primary mission. B-P Tech is not a private business.  For these reasons, B-P Tech reserves the right to refuse or cancel any request that does not further our school’s educational mission, or conflicts with our school’s philosophy.

    If you have a request, complete the appropriate form below for consideration.  When submitting this request, you recognize that:

    • Submission of a request does not guarantee acceptance.
    • Work on accepted requests will be done by students during the regular school day and under the supervision of licensed teaching personnel.
    • Curriculum, student learning priorities, and school calendar limitations govern the acceptability of any project.
    • Bristol-Plymouth Regional Vocational School District and its employees are not liable for any loss or damage to personal, corporate or municipal property left for repairs or alterations.
    • Due to the fact that  the project is a learning experience for students, there will be no time limit for the work to be completed.
    • Pickup and transfer of property is the responsibility of the requestor.
    • Payment for services and materials rendered must be made before being allowed to take the vehicle, project, or property from school grounds.