Cooperative Education Program

  • The mission of the Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School's Cooperative Education Program is to enable students to become skilled, productive members of a global workforce, responsible and creative citizens, ready and able to engage in the activities of our technologically complex and diverse world.

    The Cooperative Education Program, also known as Co-op, is designed to develop partnerships between industry and vocational/technical education to enhance the employability skills of our high school students. The program is an extension of a student's educational experience which combines academic and technical instruction with employment opportunities.

    The employment is supervised, on-the-job experience in a trade specific industrial setting. The program is a meaningful partnership between business and industry, Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School and the student learners. The unique opportunity helps bridge the gap between education and employment by integrating both school-based and work-based learning.

    For Co-op inquiries, please contact:

    Gregory Shuman

    Co-op Coordinator

    (508) 823-5151 ext. 130


  • Where our students are employed!